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Focused Audio Uses DigiStudio During Post Production for WB Animation Series

DigiStudio was used during the post production of an animation series called "Phantom Investigators." The series, which is being produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, consists of 13 episodes and is running on the WB Network in the summer of 2002.

Phantom Investigators' creators Stephen Holman and Josephine Huang chose San Francisco-based Focused Audio to do the all the audio-post for the series. Jeff Roth, Focused Audio's owner, has extensive experience doing high quality sound design and mixing and specializes in animation.

For the project, Jeff needed to work with composers JD Reilly in Des Moines, Iowa, and Nic tenBroek in Santa Monica. Jeff and Nic needed a quick and easy way to get the music from Santa Monica to San Francisco for the duration of the production. Since both Nic and Jeff were using Pro Tools, they decided to sign up for DigiStudio accounts.

For each episode, Jeff and his editors would build the sound effects at Focused Audio. Jeff would then post his Pro Tools session document online in DigiStudio. When Nic was finished with the music, he would post his tracks to Jeff's session.

"Digistudio has been a real timesaver for us on 'Phantom Investigators'," said Jeff. "The directors are very musical folks and they often have JD and Nic tweaking cues up to the last minute. There have been times when they approved a cue for Nic to send me, and then left their studio to come over to Focused Audio to hear the final mix 10 minutes later. The only way I can have that cue in place is to use DigiStudio. The regions and tracks appear almost magically in my Pro Tools session exactly where the composers intended them to be. Importing tracks or aligning regions would not work in that situation."

Jeremiah Moore, a sound effects designer at Focused Audio working on the Phantom Investigators series with Jeff explained some other uses for Digistudio. "For this project, we used DigiStudio for sharing files primarily between two parties," said Jeremiah. "For future projects, I see DigiStudio becoming even more valuable as the number of contributors and editors on a project increase—especially when we don't have time to wait for couriers. I also see it being useful for long distance ADR sessions using Quicktime movies."

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September 1, 2002